Your Event at West Hill


Walking or riding all of your players will enjoy Central New Yorks only 18 hole par three. Your low handicap players will love the challenge of West Hill while your high handicap players will enjoy the the beauty and shorter holes at West Hill !

Your Golf Event at West Hill

Walking or riding all of your players will enjoy Central New Yorks only 18 hole par three. Your low handicap players will love the challenge of West Hill while your high handicap players will enjoy the the beauty and shorter holes at West Hill !

Golf Events

24 to 72 players

18 holes riding…..$24.00

18 holes walking…..$15.00

9 holes riding…..$18.00.

9 holes walking….$11.00

18 holes riding with a burger or wrap & a
beverage at the turn $30.00

NameSexDay(s) & Arrival Time or league NameemailPhone
Zanette HoweFemaleTues, Wed, PMzanhowe@gmail.com315-753-1303
Tim GrayMaleMonday PMtjgray320@gmail.com607-342-5707
Thomas FinneganMaleMonday PMtfinne33@gmail.com315-678-8809
Susan VickersFemaleMonday AM & PM, Tues PM,
Wednesday PM
Thursday AM
Susan McMullenFemaleThurs AM & PMjmcmulle@twcny.rr.com315-256-7009
Susan GawlickyFemaleWed. AM & PM, Thurs AMsuzyracer1@yahoo.com315-406-4589
Sheree FergusonFemaleMonday AM Womenfergsher@icloud.com315-751-2332
Ron BlairMaleMonday Menrlblairtech@gmail.com315-657-5357
Rachel O'ConnorFemaleMon Wed AM Mon, Tues Wed PMrr.oconnor@icloud.com315-297-3808
Paula MorganFemaleMon.
Patty OrrFemaleMon. Wed. Thurs. AM Womenporr56@yahoo.com315-436-3970
Patricia DellasFemaleMon. Wed. Thurs. AMpdellas@aol.com315-420-5437
Patricia BarthFemaleWed AM & PM Thurs AMpatriciabarth8@yahoo.com315-708-7289
Marylin BloomerFemaleMonday AMmjb3121@yahoo.com315-350-0623
MaryAnne CerretaniFemaleTues. PMmacerr42@gmail.com315-414-6300
Mary RobinsonFemaleWednesday AMandupo3@aol.com315-439-7120
Mary PedleyFemaleMon. AM, Wed eveningmjpedley1@verizon.net315-935-5158
Mary HealeyFemaleAny EveningFreedomtob24@yahoo.com315-558-1153
Marty AceeMaleMonday PMm_acee@hormail.com315-568-6358
Marty AceeMaleThurs AM Monday PMm_acee@outlook.com315-568-6358
Lisa RiggeFemaleMonday AM, Wednesday PM, Thursday AM & PMriggefamily@gmail.com315-289-3402
Lisa RiggeFemaleWed, Thurs, PMriggefamily@gmail.com315-289-3402
Lisa McVeyFemaleMon, Wed Thurs AM & Mon, Thur PMmmcvey@twcny.rr.com315-247-3376
Kristen WalkerFemaleWednesday AM & PMkwalke2@verizon.net315-345-7874
Kim MasterpoleFemaleThursday PMnmasterpole@twcny.rr.com315-420-8075
Kathy Mott MaffeiFemaleMonday AM & PM, Tues. Wed. & Thurs. AM.km13031@yahoo.com315-664-2595
Kathleen LongFemaleThurs AMlongkj1@aol.com315-447-8221
Karen HimelFemaleWed. PMkdunleavy@twcny.rr.com315-406-4467
Julie MerolaFemaleMonday Wednesday PMjulia711@gmail.com315-720-4954
Joe RosatoMaleMonday Men
Thursday AM Mixed
Joan BrennanFemaleWed AM LadiesNo email315-766-0966
Janean StewartFemaleTues. PM janeanandchad@icloud.com315-882-2119
Iris BriggsFemaleMon, Wed, AM & PM Thurs PMirisd47@aol.com315-345-5396
Gloria FranciscioFemaleMon. Tues. Wed.">315-480-0011
Gina LorenzoFemaleAM Women after July 1ginabeena64@gmail.com315-882-1126
Gerri BellottiFemaleTues. & Wed.
Genelle PeeblesFemaleWednesday AM
Thursday AM Mixed
Fran PiranoFemaleTuesday PM, Wednesday AM, Thursday PMfranpriano@gmail.com315-425-5619
Evan BuschbasherMaleMonday Menbushey20182@gmail.com315-406-4095
Dot BisesiFemaleThurs PMdotbisesi@gmail.com315-952-7669
Donna GatalettoFemaleThurs AMdeegmail@yahoo.com315-729-8519
Debra MerryweatherFemaleMonday AM & PM, Wednesday AM & PMdebramerryweather@gmail.com315-345-6279
Cinnamon CaloiaFemaleTuesday PM, Wednesday AMcinnamoncaloia@gmail.com315-350-7445
Cheri GreenFemaleThurs. PMcgreen@onegroup.com315-481-2148
Carolynne ChesterFemaleMon. Tues. Wed. PM Thurs. AMcarolynchester@twcny.rr.com315-395-3808
CarolAnn GeorgeFemaleAny Women's leaguecarol.george0614@gmail.com315-657-6669
Carol WalshFemaleTues, Wed, PMcpwalsh63@gmail.com315-243-3546
Caleb HumbertMaleMon. Men, Thurs. Mixedcalebhumbert24@gmail.com585-455-5128
Brian MooreMaleMon. Menbdmsyrny@yahoo.com315-480-0615
Bernedette ThurstonFemaleTues PM Wed. AMdettethurston@gmail.com315-247-2785
Austin GacaMaleMon. Men Thurs. AM Mixedgacaad@clarkson.edu315-883-9639
Anne SchollFemaleWed AMfreegirl51@me.com315-569-1591
Ann Marie DantuonoFemaleTues. PMannemariefd529@gmail.com315-391-2074
Andrew MaloneMaleMonday Menmalone.andrew.c@gmail.com315-263-1049
Alyssa JensenFemaleTues. Wed., Thurs. PMalyss0828@gmail.com228-229-8485
Alan HardyMaleMonday Menhardy24alan1332@icloud.com252-721-4862
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