Our 2022 League Sub List

Our League Sub List

If you need a sub please give the sub as much advance notice as possible.

You may search our league sub list data base, use day of the week , AM, PM, or league name.

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NameSexDay(s) & Arrival Time or league NameemailPhone
Austin GacaMaleThursday AM Mixedgacaad@clarkson.edu315883-9639
Bernedette ThurstonFemaleMonday Wednesday Thursday PMdettethurston@gmail.com315-247-2785
CarolAnn GeorgeFemaleMonday PM Wednesday PMcarol.george0614@gmail.com315-657-6669
Carolynne ChesterFemaleMonday AM, Thursday AMcarolynchester@twcny.rr.com315-395-3808
Cinnamon CaloiaFemaleTuesday PM, Wednesday AMcinnamoncaloia@gmail.com315-350-7445
Deb GannonFemaleMonday Tuesday Thursday PM or AMdeborahgannon70@yahoo.com315-382-3352
Debra MerryweatherFemaleMonday AM & PM, Wednesday AMdebramerryweather@gmail.com315-345-6279
Donna LeeFemaleTuesday PMleedonna50@gmail.com315-415-5960
Evan BuschbasherMaleMonday Menbushey20182@gmail.com315-406-4095
Fran PiranoFemaleTuesday PM, Wednesday AM, Thursday PMfranpriano@gmail.com315-425-5619
Genelle PeeblesFemaleWednesday AM
Thursday AM Mixed
Gerri BellottiFemaleTues. & Wed. PMsdik@twcny.rr.com
Iris BriggsFemaleWed AM & PMirisd47@aol.com315-345-5396
Joan BrennanFemaleWed AM LadiesNo email315-766-0966
Joe RosatoMaleMonday Men
Thursday AM Mixed
Julie MerolaFemaleMonday Wednesday PMjulia711@gmail.com315-720-4954
Kaleigh BrudzFemaleTuesday PM, Wednesday PM, Thursday PMkaleigh.sweeney26@gmail.com315-256-3352
Kathy MaffeiFemaleMonday AM & PMkm13031@yahoo.com315-664-2595
Kim MasterpoleFemaleThursday PMnmasterpole@twcny.rr.com315-420-8075
Kristen WalkerFemaleWednesday AM & PMkwalke2@verizon.net315-345-7874
Lisa McVeyFemaleMonday PM
Wednesday PM
Lisa RiggeFemaleMonday AM, Wednesday PM, Thursday AM & PMriggefamily@gmail.com315-289-3402
Liz BrownFemaleMonday Tuesday Thursday PMlizbrown13@yahoo.com315-383-6422
Marty AceeMaleMonday PMm_acee@hormail.com315-568-6358
Mary RobinsonFemaleWednesday AMandupo3@aol.com315-439-7120
Marylin BloomerFemaleMonday AMmjb3121@yahoo.com315-350-0623
Patricia DellasFemaleMon. Wed. Thurs. AMpdellas@aol.com315-420-5437
Sandy RandallFemaleWednesday PMhuntslark1@gmail.com315-857-1208
Sheree FergusonFemaleMonday AM, Wednesday AMfergsher@icloud.com315-751-2332
Susan GawlickyFemaleWed. AM & PM, Thurs AMsuzyracer1@yahoo.com315-406-4589
Susan VickersFemaleMonday AM & PM, Tues PM,
Wednesday PM
Thursday AM
Thomas FinneganMaleMonday PMtfinne33@gmail.com315-678-8809
Tim GrayMaleMonday PMtjgray320@gmail.com607-342-5707
Kathleen LongFemaleThurs AMlongkj1@aol.com315-447-8221
Marty AceeMaleThurs AM Monday PMm_acee@outlook.com315-568-6358
Gina LorenzoFemaleAM Women after July 1ginabeena64@gmail.com315-882-1126
Alyssa JensenFemaleTues. Wed., Thurs. PMalyss0828@gmail.com228-229-8485
Kathy Mott MaffeiFemaleMonday AM & PM, Wed. & Thurs. AM.km13031@yahoo.com315-664-2595
Karen HimelFemaleWed. PMkdunleavy@twcny.rr.com315-406-4467
Anne SchollFemaleWed AMfreegirl51@me.com315-569-1591
Donna GatalettoFemaleThurs AMdeegmail@yahoo.com315-729-8519
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